Everything About

Nate Levison

Java - Full Stack - Python

I am an aspiring software engineer with a passion for learning and creating, currently a student at Pascack Hills High School. I enjoy simple things, like gardening, cooking, my dog, and writing over-complicated programs to automate things I could do manually in 5 minutes. I enjoy learning new programming skills and methods, with the help of my friends.

I learned the concepts of programming many years ago, in Elementary School. But I have only formally programmed for two years, by starting out in Java, building GUIs and games. I also learned static web development at the same time, where I built my first website. I frequently have taken on passion projects, sometimes leading me out of my comfort zone.

I always have valued honesty, so I would be lying if I said I was a perfect person. But I also value kindness, so I volunteer occasionally, in various fields. I couldn't have gotten to where I am without the kindness that my friends have shown me, which is why I value and appreciate it so much.

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